Analyst Admin Introduces Datos, Code-Free Adobe Analytics APIs

Los Angeles, California — Miguel Martinez, founder of Analyst Admin, today announced Datos, an innovative way to use Adobe Analytics APIs without writing code. Datos brings the power of bulk actions and automation to the busy admin who doesn’t have time to write custom scripts nor the time to manually do the task by hand.

Datos is a swift and easy-to-use tool that connects with your Adobe Analytics account via the 1.4 or the 2.0 APIs and takes care of the coding, security, and translation to easy-to-read formats.

Miguel Martinez, having been in Digital Analytics for 13 years has struggled first hand with the tedious work required to maintain large implementations. Large and complex implementations with hundreds of users and report suites oftentimes require repeating the same task too many times. Datos eliminates such laborious work by automating common admin functions.

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